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Breathe in breathe out shirt

Breathe in breathe out shirt, hoodie, tank top, sweater, long sleeve and sweatshirt

Breathe in breathe out shirt

My mother died of idiopathic pulmonary Breathe in breathe out shirt, and it was absolutely devastating to see her struggling for air and oxygen dependent for several years before she passed away. She was on 10L, 24/7, and eventually that wasn’t enough and she was placed on 15L and a bipap for survival. As an RN and her caregiver, I was desperate for answers, but unfortunately there weren’t any. She was not a candidate for a lung transplant, and passed away 3 days before her 80th birthday. I miss my mother terribly; this video made me cry as I am so happy that this woman found relief and can breath now although my mom did not. My mom is breathing freely in heaven now instead, and I know I’ll see her again someday.

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